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"Music is the pen of the soul!"

The joy of singing together – that’s what this choir means to us. In addition to singing, the Kammerchor also stands for lifelong friendships among many of its members. We share joy as well as grief and the music is our common bond. This may well be the secret of our choral sound. If you listen with your heart you will appreciate the joy of singing that we wish to share with our friends and our audience. We are thankful for each and every heart that we are able to touch with our music.


Kammerchor Klagenfurt Wörthersee
Banater Weg 3
9073 Klagenfurt - Viktring 

+43 (0) 664/11 11 765

Rechnungen ergehen an:
Kammerchor Klagenfurt-Wörthersee
Dr. Sabine Jaeger-Letzl
Viktringer Weg 7
9073 Klagenfurt - Viktring

Bank: BKS
IBAN AT191700000102000498