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Welcome to the homepage of our choir, the Kammerchor Klagenfurt Wörthersee!

Kammerchor Klagenfurt Wörthersee
Kammerchor Klagenfurt Wörthersee

What motivates more than 50 people from all over Carinthia with a wide range of occupational backgrounds, different ages, varied hobbies and family commitments, to meet at Krastowitz Castle every Wednesday evening at 7 pm for two and a half hours of intensive singing and choir rehearsal?

It is the challenge to work on new musical projects or to study the classical masters of choir music; it is the joy of voices singing and sounds ringing, and coming together to make beautiful music. Where other than in a choir do you feel a sudden shiver going through the rows, goose bumps and the „magic of the moment“ that makes you cry when the choral sound of music touches your heart.


Kammerchor Klagenfurt Wörthersee
Banater Weg 3
9073 Klagenfurt - Viktring 

+43 (0) 664/11 11 765

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Kammerchor Klagenfurt-Wörthersee
Dr. Sabine Jaeger-Letzl
Viktringer Weg 7
9073 Klagenfurt - Viktring

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